Kindergarten / Pre-K

Citrus County's Pre-Kindergarten Programs provide high-quality instruction to eligible children. Children learn developmental skills, pre-academics, literacy, and social skills that prepare them for successful kindergarten and later school experiences.

In Kindergarten, your child has the opportunity to grow as a learner. Following rules and getting along with others are social skills learned in kindergarten. Pre-reading activities and reading strategies, math skills, and beginning writing skills are part of the kindergarten curriculum. Beginning concepts in the areas of language arts, social studies, science, character development, art, music, physical education, media, and technology are all a part of the kindergarten experience. Ask your child's teacher to explain what will be taught in kindergarten, or visit the Dept. of Educations web site for other information.

Kindergarten Team

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Mrs. Bingham Pre-K

Mrs. Eldridge Pre-K

Mrs. Feeser


Mrs. Barbarow

Mrs. McCollough

Mrs. Swayze


Ms. Herb

Mrs. Tyler